Q2 What are the positive and negative effects that may have on the economic and social development of your home country?
Ethical is buying things that are made ethically. In my opinion, this means consumerism without harm to or exploitation of humans, animals or the natural environment.Ethical consumption may have both positive and negative effects on the economic and social development of my home country, China. However, I think there are more positive effects than the negative ones. Awareness of global poverty ,animal welfare and green issues are at an all time high. Ethical consumption helps the people in my home country to carry this awareness into our shopping basket, and make our home a more clean,environmental friendly and a better place and helps “to engage the public,and to support behavior change towards more sustainable consumption (Smithers, R., & Hickman., L. ,2006 ). Ethical consumption means people will favour particular ethical products, such as those that are energy saving, cruelty free, organic, or climate change resistant products.These are also called positive buying. First ,energy savings would be a positive effect of ethical consumption. China is a big country with a lot of resources but not so much if those resources are divided by the population number,so energy-saving is a very important issue.If people can buy the ethical products such as energy saving light bulbs,even if one only, and save 1 degree of electricity, when we multiply that by the population, this will be a great amount of energy saved! Second,China is a country with various kinds of living species including some rare and endangered species such as panda ,White tiger and Hua Nan tiger.Some people who are blinded by interests will just kill those animals and sell their products to make money.If we call can encourage each other to by ethical products especially the cruelty free,the species might be saved.The saved species has many research values which are far beyond money and interests. The research value will not only benefits China but also the whole world! Third,as the living standard in China is developing very fast,Chinese people nowadays are no longer only consider about how to solve food problem but food safety and nutrition problem.If people can buy the ethical products especially the organic products,they can eat more safely and healthily since organic foods are produced according to certain production standards.Take crops as example,it means they were grown without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, human waste, or sewage sludge, and that they were processed without ionizing radiation or food additives.These will improve Chinese people’s health on a large scale. Last ,as the NCC chairman,Lord Whitty once said. “ We call need to understand that food is the typical household’s number-one contributor to climate change.” .(Smithers, R., & Hickman., L. ,2006 ).If more and more people are consuming the ethical products,it will promote the.In many places of China,the climate is not so good for the plants to grow,if we can develop the growing of climate change resistant products,using the limit arable land,China can provide food to more of its people. There are also bad effects. One of which is it may not be so acceptable when ethical products first come into the market. “Price was an issue for most shoppers,with many people on limited budgets wanting a greener choice.” .(Smithers, R., & Hickman., L. ,2006 ).Since most of the ethical products are quite expensive,many people may refuse to buy at first. Just like religion, ethics aren't universal.However,we should also have the hope that as time goes by,more and more people will see the advantages of ethical consumption and ignore the negative ones and ethical consumption will benefit more and more people.


West Lake

In my hometown,Zhe Jiang ,The most famous place of interests is surely the West Lake .It lies in Hangzhou City in northern Zhe jiang Province. Its famous scenic spots comprise Su Causeway, and Bai Causeway, which have partitioned the Lake into inner, outer and back lakes, The Solitary Hill, Small Fairy Island, Mid-lake Pavilion, mount after a provincial governor Ruangong,etc. In combination with the surrounding hills and streams, they make up the unique and beautiful scenery of West Lake.
The scenic zone is shrouded in trees and flowers and is dotted with myriad of halls, towers, terraces, pavilions, pagodas, grottoes and temples, which were barely visible under the dense foliage of surrounding woods. The lake is embraced by many hills covered with lush forests, grotesque rocks, gullies and intriguing streams. There is a Spring Dawn at Su Causeway.When Spring comes with crimson peach blossoms and green willows; the scenery is really charming. Strolling along the boulevard, one feels as if the West Lake were wakening in dawn mist. Young willows were ethereal, spring breeze so caressing, and birds were chirping in sky.
Another scenery is called the Three Pools Mirroring the Moon.It is one of the Lake's three islands. Buildings on the island include Temple of Outstanding Men, Bridge with 9 Twists, Room of Ushering In Greenness, Pavilion of Wood Fragrance, and Hall of Flowers and Birds. By the side of the island, stand majestically three stone pagodas over the gleaming and rippling lake. There are two-meter high pagodas sit each on a circular stone .A bridge links the southern and northern parts of the island. Pavilions, terraces, rockers and flower gardens scattered around the place. Here blossoms vary with the seasons: magnolia, lilac in Spring; crape myrtle, lotus flower, water lily in summer; chrysanthemum in autumn, and winter sweet in winter.
If you are a person who likes travelling,West Lake is a good place deserves visiting!


movie review of " perfect stranger"

Recently,I enjoyed myself watching the movie "perfect stranger".
The storyline is like that:Rowena Price, one of those journalist for gossipy mags, or if you prefer to upmarket her profession, an investigating journalist who digs people's deepest and darkest secrets. A friend of hers is found murdered, but not before giving her leads that her potential murderer could be Harrison Hill, New York's top advertising executive.So Ro tried all means to get into his company and began the investigation.Add in a jealous assistant in Miles Haley , the plot get more and more twisted, with plenty of sexual innuendos and meanings between lines.
The interesting part of this movie is that in the end,the murderer is actually Rowena herself.Because in her childhood,her step-father was always sexual maltreat her.Her mother and she could not bear it anymore so they killed him and buried him.Unfortunately,all these were seen by Rowena's best friend and in the late years she used this thing to force Rowena to do everything for her.Rowena can not stand her anymore so she killed her friend.However,all these things is find out by Miles so Rowena decided to kill him just as she killed her friend.Unfortunately again,this seen is seen by her neighbor.It is clear what is waiting for Rowena.
I like the twisted plot and surprising ending .Apart from that ,I also learnt some lessons from it.First ,if you want nobody to know your bad secret,the best way is do not have any bad secret.In order to hide her bad secret,Rowena use more and more bad secret to hide her previous one.It is not a bit useful and those bad secrets lead her to death in the end. Second is,in every person's life,there must be something that makes you fearful.Sometimes it is a person,sometimes it is a object.Like Rowena,the things threatened her was her friend or be more accurate, her bad memory of the past.If one cannot get rid of these things,he will be controlled by them all his life time and that will be a very sad thing.So,if one fears about his bad memory,the solution is not trying to hide it I think,it is better for you to "bring it to the sun" and see it correctly.Only in this way will you be released and have a delightful life.
It is worthy to take time to enjoy the story and to get as much as lessons you can get.


Stalin and Mao Zedong

Q: Compare two well-known world leaders in terms of the emotional intelligence they demonstrate (d) .In particular, compare the ways they manage (d) change or adversity.

There were two famous communist party leaders: Joseph Stalin, general secretary of the Communist Party of USSR and Mao Zedong, chairman of PRC. They had encountered great changes to their nations: Nazi invasion in Russia and Japanese invasion in China and both of them were the leaders who led his people to manage the change. They all had a “steel” personality. In Russian, the word stalin actually means steel and Stalin once said: to be a communist, you should have a will of steel and a personality of crystal. So, when the Nazi power set up their foot to Russia, he showed Russian people his will of steel. He called his people to be confident and strong so that Russian people could not only drive Nazism out of Russia but also out of the world. The history showed us: he finally managed it with his great will. Chairman Mao shared the same “steel” will with Stalin. During the anti-Japanese war, Mao’s great will and spirit of never give up inspired thousands of Chinese warriors to protect their nation and after 8 years of hard times, he led Chinese people to the final success. Another similirity in their personality is both of them were over confident.They thought what they did were all correct but it turned out that during the post-war time, they both did something wrong to their nation. They both led some political revolutions to strengthen their ruling. One was the Political Revolution in Russia which killed a lot of innocent people. The other was the Culture Revolution in China which restricted a lot of people’s talents. The Political Revolution caused big unrest in Russia and the Culture Revolution slowed down China’s economic development for about ten or twenty years. Due to their strong but over confident emotional intelligence, the two great leaders both did something great and something wrong when they faced the changes in their nation.


The meaning of my life

Sometimes I think I was a leaf.The meaning of my life is,to contribute and to sacrifice.When it is spring,my mission is to learn how to grow up fast,so that in the summer,my sisters and brothers together with me, can provide others coolness and fun.When it is autumn,my mission is to sacrifice the happy time with my tree mother.She needs more nutrition to survive the winter and prepare to give birth to new "babies" in the next spring.I am supposed to fall into the earth to provide the nutrition for her,for my sisters and brothers who will be born soon.

Sometimes I think I was a butterfly.The meaning of my life is,to tolerant and to wait.When I am a ugly worm,I do not think anybody will like me.However,I shall never look down upon myself,I shall tolerate their misunderstandings,I shall also be patient when I am lonely in the chrysalis.When i am a real butterfly,people envy how beautiful I am and how happy I am,but only I myself know the happy comes from the tolerance and patience.
Sometimes I think I was the sea.The meaning of my life is,to know myself and help others to know themselves.People say that I am mysterious, even I myself think so.I know I am a person with a lot of interesting "characteristics" and "personalities" to be discovered:the countless fished,the amazing coral reefs and various kinds of mammals.I use my whole life to get to know about them and make the most use of them.I let the fished to be caught so that human beings can use them for food,I let the coral reefs stand above the water so that people can enjoy themselves.I also let the sun,moon and stars to see what they really look like and how shining they are so that they can know themselves better.I always give them their real image.
I know I am not the leaf,the butterfly or the sea,I am only myself.However,the meaning of my life are still the same.Life to me means learning things,making friends and thinking about myself and the world,so that I can know more about myself and help others to know themselves.A people who knows himself well will be confident and tolerant,so he will be successful and able to contribute.
That is the meaning of my life,to know,to help,to wait with hope and to enjoy.


About my English name

When i was young,like many children do,i liked animations, especially the "Woody Woodpecker".So,I called myself "wody" inspired by this American animation.
As time went by,I began to read books.After reading Margaret Mitchell's "gone with the wind",I really appreciated the heroine Scarllet's character.So,I chose Bonnie as my English name.Bonnie is Scarllet's daughter and I think they share the same character.Bonnie is from Scottland English,meaning healthy and beautiful which I believe the meaningful life should be~